Officers (2023-2024)

Avery Jensen

Avery is a fourth-year Cognitive Science major. She likes spending her time playing board games and video games with friends. She also likes to cook and listen to podcasts.

Aditya Sundaram

(Vice President)

Aditya is a fourth year Computational & Systems Biology major. He loves to watch movies, play video games, and drink boba. In his free time, he loves to walk around and try new boba shops..

Ethan Kahn

(Social Chair)

Ethan is a third year Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution Major, as well as a Linguistics Minor. He enjoys birding, books, board games, and exploring cool spots around LA with public transit.

Photo of webmaster Chloe Brandon in ski gear.

Chloe Brandon


Chloe is a third year computer science student at UCLA. Other than attending Enigma meetings, some of her favorite activities include drawing, cooking new recipes from global cuisine, swimming, and watching Antiques Roadshow. She hopes to see you at the next Enigma meeting!

Emaad Sohail

(Event Planner)

Hi, I'm Emaad, event planner for the 23/24 school year! I'm a 3rd year computational and systems biology major and English minor, and I'm super excited to be working with Enigma this year! Can't wait to have fun with you all at our events, and I'll do my best to make them an enjoyable experience! :)  

Hansel Desouza

(Event Planner)

Hansel is a third year Business Economics major. He likes to play board games and card games and then change the rules. Outside of games, he also likes to read books, watch movies, and play devil's advocate.

Julie Phan

(Graphic Designer)

Julie is a third year Cognitive Science major and Digital Humanities minor! Her favorite games are Hay Day, Roblox, and Minecraft. Pink is her entire personality.

Valen Dunn


Valen is a third year Computer Engineering major. He enjoys playing board games and Dming D&D games. Outside Enigma, he enjoys reading and hiking in the mountains around LA. .

Kimberly Mejia


Info pending.