Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Enigma have a code of conduct?

Q: What goes on in a typical weekly meeting?

Q: Do I have to attend every meeting?

Q: Do I have to stay for the entire meeting?

Q: What is the Enigma Collection?

Q: Are there club fees?

Q: Do I have to be an undergraduate to come to meetings?

Q: Do you play ___________?

Q: How long has Enigma been around?

Yes. Although it's really just an elaboration of simple decency, please don't hesitate to let an officer know if you have any specific questions or concerns. 

All meetings include two parts: Announcements (general business plus any news of interest), followed by the night's official activity for the rest of the evening. Activities vary from week to week. You can check them out on our Events page! Though not an official part of meetings, we often get food after meetings.

Of course not, attendance is entirely up to you and your schedule. That being said, we'd love to see you at any meeting you can make it to, and we have a whole lot of fun every week, so stop by if you can!

Not at all, Feel free to take off early if you have other obligations, or need to head home to catch up on some sleep. You can even just drop by to say hi. We're happy to have you for as long or as little as you feel comfortable. 

Located in the Powell Library CLICC Lab, the Enigma Collection consists of books and comics in the genres of science-fiction and fantasy. The donor-based collection has been built and curated by members of Enigma. In 2013, the collection was gifted to UCLA Library to broaden access to the UCLA community.

Nope! None whatsoever. Although there may be the occasional paid side-event, regular meetings are always free admission.

Enigma has no restrictions based on student status. Students, alumni, staff, faculty, and local community members are welcome. As long as you love sci-fi, fantasy, and/or games, we're happy to have you!

Yes. The answer is yes.

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