Enigma at UCLA

The Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming Club at UCLA

Enigma includes everyone from undergrads to graduate students and alumni, encompassing every department from both South Campus and North Campus. If you're interested in science fiction or fantasy (whether books, art, or film), or gaming (video games, card games, board games, roleplaying games, etc.), even just a bit, you're always welcome with us.

All Enigma meetings on UCLA's campus are open to the public and are free of charge. There is no formal membership, so drop by any time! Students, staff, faculty, and local community members are all welcome.



Anastasia Pineschi

Anastasia is a 4th year Anthropology/Art History double major. When not collecting lanyards, she loves to read novels, especially science fiction or fantasy (which is pretty convenient, seeing as she’s an officer for a club that deals in that sort of thing.) Whether you’re a new Enigman or a veteran, she’d love to get to know you better, so find her at the meetings and come say hi!


Kevin Tolby
(Vice President)

Kevin is a 3rd year Computer Science major. Having grown up on Nintendo and Blizzard video games, he’s since branched out to love tabletop RPGs and deception games as well. At the end of the day, Kevin’s an avid proponent of immersive, themed storytelling and hopes to spend a career devoted to it. Kevin’s built a home at UCLA through Enigma, and would love to reach out to new Enigmans with the same open arms he was first welcomed in with.


Julia Minko

Julia is a 4th year Linguistics and Psychology major who grew up on a steady diet of fantasy books and video games. They are interested in pretty much everything and will eventually get through their entire recommendations list, even if it takes the rest of their life. The fact that the list grows daily ONLY SERVES AS MOTIVATION! If you ever can't find anyone to talk to about that new book/comic/movie/show/game that you're currently obsessing over, just give them a couple days.


Andrew Gordeev

Andrew is a 3rd year Physics major/Mathematics minor, and a PC gamer almost since birth. He spends his free time playing games of all sorts, both physical and virtual, and is always up for swapping recommendations with fellow Enigmans! Andrew got hooked on Enigma through Avalon, so you'll usually see him coaxing others into playing all night.


Daniel Mitchener
(Social Chair)

Daniel is a 2nd year Computer Science and Engineering major/prospective Theatre minor. Throughout his childhood, Daniel was exposed to a variety of films, and has become a voracious consumer of the medium ever since. Despite his fascination with the form, his library is far from complete, and he is always in desperate need for recommendations for new films (and books and games). If you have any ideas, or if you want to talk about anything pertaining to Disney, come and find him at the next meeting!


Grace Bower


Grace is a 2nd year MIMG major/Biomedical Research minor. She's been a fan of sci-fi and fantasy since childhood, when the only films she watched were Return of the Jedi and Atlantis: The Lost Empire on a rotating basis. Since then she's expanded her interests to books, games, and more. If you have any books recs, she'd love to hear them (and not just because it’s her job).