Enigma at UCLA

The Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming Club at UCLA

Enigma includes everyone from undergrads to graduate students and alumni, encompassing every department from both South Campus and North Campus. If you're interested in science fiction or fantasy (whether books, art, or film), or gaming (video games, card games, board games, roleplaying games, etc.), even just a bit, you're always welcome with us.

All Enigma meetings on UCLA's campus are open to the public and are free of charge. There is no formal membership, so drop by any time! Students, staff, faculty, and local community members are all welcome.

Week 0 Announcments

Hey Everyone!

Hope you're excited as we are for the coming quarter! We had several announcements during yesterday's meeting, so if you missed them or want a recap, here they are:

  • The Last Bookstore (Event)

    • What: Enigma is going to The Last Bookstore, a cool themed bookstore in LA!
    • When: Sunday, October 11th at 1pm
    • More Info: Check out the FB event HERE
  • Book Club (Ongoing)

    • What: Enigma has a Book Club! They semi-regularly select a title in the Sci-Fi or Fantasy genres to read and discuss.
    • When: Meetings are semi-regular (usually every other week) on Saturdays
    • More Info: Check out the FB group HERE or get in contact with our Librarian Jenn, on Facebook
  • Starship Valkyrie (Event)

    • What: Ever wanted to experience the thrill of crewing a Starship? Then this Live Action Role Play by Enigma alum Christian Brown is for you! Take on dangerous challenges, solve perplexing puzzles, or coordinate your fellow crew mates as you adventure through space on the Starship Valkyrie.
    • When: Saturday, October 24th from 5pm - 10pm
    • Cost: $5 for Students
    • More Info: More info to come in the following weeks
  • New Games (Tabletop RPG's) 

    • What: We have 2 new games starting up this quarter! These are games for players with any level of experience, but newbies are especially encouraged! 
      • Wyatt Nelson is running a Pathfinder adventure path called Second Darkness. Here's the hook:

A strange light in the sky holds a danger unknown for ten thousand years! Deep beneath Golarion's surface, the greatest shame of the elves is stirring once more. Seething with hatred, the drow have come up with a plan to wipe out their ancient enemies and bring a second Age of Darkness. And this time, there's only the heroes to stop them...

In the Second Darkness Adventure Path, the heroes venture from the Varisian pirate haven of Riddleport to an island overrun by extraterrestrial terrors, a fallen forest capital of the elves, the subterranean realm of the drow, intrigue-laden elven courts, and a mysterious realm forgotten by time itself, known as the Land of Black Blood.

The mad machinations of the drow threaten all who dwell in the light of the sun, and the fate of the world will be decided by the actions of a handful of heroes. Long ago, Golarion was plunged into an Age of Darkness — will these brave adventurers succeed, or will their world be consumed by the shadows of a Second Darkness?

  • Kenneth Davis is running a World of Darkness game called Changeling: the Lost - Miami. Here's the hook:

The City - Miami. The Time - October 31st 1981. The Mariel Boatlift has just come to an end. The city of Miami is full of many new faces, but among them are strangers. Beings who've escaped from another dimension, but been forever scared by the experience. There are many strange things happening, if only one is to look between the neon lights. What is the real price of safety for these refugees?

For more information regarding schedules of the games, more info about the game itself, or any other questions you'd like to ask the GM's, feel free to look up either of them in our FB group and shoot them a message.

  • Shared Interests

    • Our last announcements is a list that you might have seen during meeting. We had anyone who was interested in finding people to play a particular game with sign up under the proposed game. HERE are the results, so go ahead and feel free to hit up your fellow gamers on Facebook!