Enigma at UCLA

The Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming Club at UCLA

Enigma includes everyone from undergrads to graduate students and alumni, encompassing every department from both South Campus and North Campus. If you're interested in science fiction or fantasy (whether books, art, or film), or gaming (video games, card games, board games, roleplaying games, etc.), even just a bit, you're always welcome with us.

All Enigma meetings on UCLA's campus are open to the public and are free of charge. There is no formal membership, so drop by any time! Students, staff, faculty, and local community members are all welcome.

Week 6 Announcements

Hi all!

I realize it's been a while since the last announcement, so my apologies. We'll be resuming our weekly updates from here on out.

  • Book Club

    • The next Book Club meeting is this Saturday, November 7
    • If you're interested in getting involved, check out the Facebook group HERE or get in contact with out Librarian Jenn on Facebook
  • International Games Day

    • A fun, safe, and educational public event for non-gamers, casual gamers, and experienced gamers.
    • For more information, check out the Facebook event HERE
  • Enigma Outing - The Natural History Museum

    • We're going to the Natural History Museum!
    • In particular, we'll be going to see the Mummies Special Exhibit, so if you didn't feel like you got quite enough spookiness in this Halloween, this is the event for you!
    • If you're a member of the Enigma Facebook group, find the Facebook event HERE
  • Short Story Art Project

    • One of our members, Justin Piotroski, is doing an art project for his major involving short stories.
    • Justin is looking for short stories ranging pretty much around whatever spectrum you can imagine. If you're interested in being a part of his project, contact him on Facebook
  • Puzzles!

    • One of members, Ankur Mehta, is interested in starting a group to design and solve Puzzles!
    • Here's a blurb from him:
Have you heard of the MIT Mystery Hunt [1], Microsoft Campus Puzzle
Challenge [2], or other [ Facebook, Palantir, Google ] puzzle hunts?  If
not, see (*) for a description of the mystery hunt style game puzzles
I'm talking about.  Regardless of whether or not you have any
experience, let me know if you'd be interested in bringing more of this
sort of thing to UCLA.  Activities would include:
  - Organizing puzzle hunts [ no experience necessary! ]
  - Solving puzzles [ no experience necessary! ]
  - Writing puzzles [ experience in either of the above helpful, but not
    necessary! ]

I'd anticipate partnering with the Berkeley Mystery hunt folks [3] at
first, and moving on from there.  They hold an annual puzzle hunt, as
well as publish weekly puzzles in the campus newspaper.

[1] http://web.mit.edu/puzzle/www/
[2] https://www.collegepuzzlechallenge.com/
[3] http://puzzle.berkeley.edu/

(*) A puzzle is a game, perhaps similar to a sudoku or crossword, but
generally without instructions -- the most challenging step is often
figuring out what to do with whatever clues you're given.
  • Email Ankur at mehtank@ucla.edu if you're interested or for more information.